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I want to start by saying the Republicans are the villains in this scenario. It's hard to see how the Democrats are going to turn the reversal of Roe v Wade into a winning vote for them. In particular, despite all the hemming and hawing, there is no current proposal to solidify medical rights for women or privacy rights in general. The idea that Democrats should wait to see the final decision is exactly why they're "the lesser of evils" and not the heroes of this tale. They have very little interest in protecting people's rights or stopping the rich from burning us alive.

It's fucking pathetic.

As reprehensible as Madison Cawthorn is, the latest attack on him by Republicans is reprehensible. You guys don't care about putting a rapist into the Supreme Court, but you pretend to care that this guy parties? Fuck off with your false moral grandstanding and general anti-freedom attitude.

I still remain a member of the "Fuck that shit" generation.

This is by Bruce MacKinnon, the editorial cartoonist for the Halifax Chronicle-Herald.

Susan Collins was lying at the time. We knew she was lying at the time. She knew she was lying at the time. Most Republicans knew she was lying at the time. It's a lie they all participated in and are complicit in. This is simply the way of most Republicans.

The one upside to the Depp-Heard trial is that it's giving me an opportunity to immediately say "Never recommend this channel" on YouTube. Based on my demographic details YouTube seems to think I have any interest whatsoever in all of these MRAs who are using defending Depp as an opportunity for everyday, misogynist insults. I get it guys, you don't like women. Stop pretending you have some sort of point other than that to make.

I was more excited about Shaky Knees before I realized that it's an all day festival that's set up completely in ripoff mode :(.

Why did Republicans become so stupid as to trust their politicians?

I mean I know that the media lies, this is explicitly what FOX news was created to do, but why have they allowed these hucksters to turn that into their politicians tell the truth? When have politicians ever been trustworthy?

The State of Florida has voted to rescind the extra-territoriality of one of the most well-known Megacorporations on the planet. What happens next will tell us exactly which genre's dystopia we are living in.

The stock market is a magical place full of made-up values that the Gentry take seriously and do their best to force us to take it seriously.

Netflix lost 700,000 subscribers from the Russian blockade, and then 200,000 subscribers in its first quarter leaving it with around 220 million accounts. It expects to lose another 2 million accounts leaving it around 218 million accounts. The Gentry reacted to this news with a ritual that claimed this was a loss of about 50 billion dollars in value.

If we take the largest number of lost subscribers from the numbers I took that puts each customer at being worth 16,666 dollars. Presuming each of these customers bought the most expensive monthly package from Netflix they would have to subscribe for 69 years to hand over that much money to Netflix as individuals.

Christians always act like this stuff is harmless until somebody wants to do Islamic prayer or pray to the devil for power at the start of a game. When it's not their religion being pressured into public spaces they seem to get it, but are otherwise happy to selfishly apply a different standard to themselves.

I love seeing all of the ads from MicroCenter. Fry's ate their lunch for years, but they survived, and it's the best computer hobbyist store I'm aware of these days.

"Better to feed down than kiss up."

Gotta remember that one.

I think when corrupt Republicans tried to pull this by buying an airport for the state somebody stopped them. Although if I recall correctly they did punish Delta for not kissing the ring over the pandemic.

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Today is just another reminder that Republicans are perfectly fine with regulating corporate entities if they don't kiss the ring.

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We come here in search of a place to express our thoughts outside of the direct control and surveillance of unaccountable, mega-corporations. There is no common theme that binds us other than these being the bonds we've chosen rather than those that have been chosen for us.