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I understand that some people don't like some of the trade-offs represented in Flatpak, but it's basically the only packaging system that allows the developer to choose between vendoring and using the system. All of the other major systems just reject vendoring and offer no answer to its use case.

I came across a Slashdot article on this. Somebody asked, "Why did the major distros change to systemd it's so bad?" Here's my reply.

It's because it's a genuinely better way to manage system services.

It's faster. It has explicit dependencies which enables parallelism. It integrates cgroups natively.

It unifies service configuration language. This is the thing that many people say they hate about it. Rather than any executable being able to do whatever it wants there's a model for how to describe your service and the things it will execute.

The biggest problem with it is that it's not seamlessly compatible with existing init scripts. If you don't have any existing custom init scripts, then this doesn't matter. In my life I've only written a few custom init scripts, and in almost every single one of them I went looking for something like libdaemon to help me simplify certain steps. systemd integrates all of that stuff and puts it into one manual.

Ultimately the people that hate systemd for legitimate rather than cargo-cult reasons it's because they didn't feel like they needed all of the extra features and functionality that systemd offered, so the cost of migrating seemed like a waste of time to them.

I've recently had to make unit files for systemd and, compared to my experience doing init scripts to cover the same workload about five years ago, it has been an amazing experience. I have no interest in going back to the old way.

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Lennart Poettering has landed at Microsoft. A lot of people in the Linux world hate that guy for all of the work he did making Linux suck less. I guess when the people you thought were your friends treat you like such garbage you have to turn to the enemy?

It's probably actually just that Lennart cares about improving systems from being poorly integrate, insecure, and generally hard to use. Microsoft has preferred a seamless experience from the start so he's already preaching to the choir with them.

I've been working on a tool that'll help randomly distribute my PT exercises throughout the day with some logic to make sure I'm doing things at the right frequency. I started using it today and I am worn out. Apparently I have been slacking way more than I realized.

Sun, May. 6th, 2012, 07:05 am
Letting Go of Crack Attack!
I think it is well past time for me to admit that I'm not going to do any more actual work to maintain Crack Attack! The last commit I made was three years ago. Not too long ago somebody popped up wanting me to pull a patch and I never really got around to it.

Looking back there was a beta release of 1.1.15 in May of 2006. I was still attending Georgia Tech and living with the man I considered the co-developer Kevin Webb. There was a big surge of activity because Thorbjørn Lindeijer came out of nowhere with a stack of improvements for the project. We added better model loading, updated the networking library, created customizable textures for the blocks. There was a lot of momentum heading into that release.

I don't know exactly what killed the momentum, but 1.1.15 never became official. Rather than just push the code out of the door during the summer I let myself get side-tracked into a project writing an actual AI so that everybody could watch the computer play the game.

What a lot of people didn't realize is that the versus mode was actually just a set of rules on how many blocks to return based on the score you'd just made. I took samples of how Webb played at his highest level and set up a pattern that reflected this and at the top would keep him challenged. It seemed to work very well for everybody.

Instead of getting the release done I put my time into making this AI into a code base which largely couldn't handle it. I didn't have the skill to do it right and the natural bloat that came with a bad plan for the processing led to it languishing and never getting done. I did make great strides, but never enough to feel complete, and this became the ultimate stop energy.

Now I have to wonder what exactly should I do about all of this? I don't know that anybody still cares enough about this game that basically works with its last beta release. Is there a lock box I can put the keys into in case somebody comes around and wants to handle it one day? As much as I long to see this game back into the community consciousness, it's been enough years that I have to know I'm not the one to do it.

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Decided to go on a nostalgia trip and play some Crack Attack! again. Apparently my last stab at this game was in 2012.

Recorded forever on LiveJournal!

I don't know how much your experience has crossed over with mine, but my experience growing up in the south as not-a-Christian taught me two major things:

Firstly, this behavior is only harmless to those that agree with the religious ritual. There is immense social pressure to conform to a religious practice shared by a group once it's on display. Me and others I knew learned very quickly to conceal that we didn't really believe when we were in groups that found public religious ritual acceptable. This was most important at school because your peers are selected for you. Said specifically, if you piped up about not wanting to participate in the FCA prayers led on school property there would be, at best, immense social stigma applied to your by your peers and the adults participating in those programs.

I know many adults are unhappy to hear that about themselves, but it was 100% true every single time it happened to me on a school. I genuinely got better responses being honest about not being a Christian while literally at a Presbyterian Youth Group than I did on public property. To say it unfairly, my lived experience was that only the worst Christians adults brought that behavior onto school grounds.

Secondly, these religious exemptions are never equitably applied. The most you ever get is a "non-denominational" service that still expects you have a monotheistic higher power. What happens more often is that divergent religions are called out and denigrated. They become a mark that you're one to ostracize, and the adults that participate in religious rituals always support it. Be it by banning satanic shirts but not cross necklaces (where a man is literally bleeding and starving to death) to only allowing Christian organizations on campus.

It's the most egregious in school sports. Coaches that do this, usually intentionally but their intention doesn't matter, actively exclude any member of their team not of their religion if they do this. Teams have a preference to conform and are extremely effective at rejecting those that don't. If you wear the markings of another religion, or lack thereof, both the adults and your peers do what they can to either make sure you're not allowed to wear those things or you don't even want to be there anymore.

Although on paper this can be smuggled as something about religious freedom it is absolutely not a fair application of that principal in the context in which this happened.

Have the Republicans, in my lifetime, done anything I would consider good or that personally improved my life? I was thinking about it and I couldn't come up with anything. Am I forgetting something?

Let us not forget that the day before SCOTUS rescinded a set of rights for women, they rescinded all of our fifth amendment rights. In a just country it would be unlawful for police to even interrogate subjects since the entire concept relies on coercing them to abandon their explicit fifth amendment rights. ACAB.

We need to push hard for protective legislation of our rights. We need to push hard for a constitutional amendment guaranteeing the specific right to medical privacy and enumerating what that means today.

I know I know, this is really a jump from two to four because two of the people on that list are also known rapists who also lied about that to Congress.

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Seems like today in addition to needing to arrest Clarence Thomas, there are three others who should be arrested for purgery for lying to Congress.

If Jan 6 was "legitimate political discourse", then I feel like everybody would be justified in occupying buildings across the US in support of women's rights.

"Soaring energy costs are a disaster for poor consumers worldwide. But ironically, they also provide an opportunity to shift the world from its fossil fuel addiction. If we take this chance to make fossil fuel prices permanently high, we can accelerate the transition to cleaner energy in a way that is fair for all, and avert deeper crises in the years ahead."

Apparently the specifics of the plan the Proud Boys used to execute their insurrection have been released.

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We come here in search of a place to express our thoughts outside of the direct control and surveillance of unaccountable, mega-corporations. There is no common theme that binds us other than these being the bonds we've chosen rather than those that have been chosen for us.