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To any of the gamer gaters and other casual misogynists out there, don't even engage with this until you've asked yourself two questions:

When presented with a situation where you could choose between a man and a women, have you ever picked the woman?

In that case, did you ever harass, stalk, and otherwise constantly denigrate the man you'd sided against in public the same way you regularly do so against the woman?

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I genuinely went through and blocked every YouTube channel I saw get promoted to me that was about making fun of Amber Heard. I'm not sure exactly who is at fault here, but I'm sure of who is being unfairly targeted by the populous almost entirely based on their gender.

When cops go to defend themselves in court for murdering innocent people the defense that they use is either that they're too stupid, too cowardly, or too incompetent. We should believe them and stop funding them.

I'm not saying piracy has never hurt anybody... but I've never played a legitimate copy of Unreal Tournament. I didn't play a legitimate copy of Quake 2 until a few years ago when I bought it to check out the Nvidia RTX release.

So where's the mental health legislation then?

When Republicans aren't obviously cruel, racist, liars they're at least incompetent.

I keep trying to learn Android development and it is just so boring. Instead of doing that I bought a course on Godot and I'm going to do that.

Abbott Nutrition ignored quality control problems in their Michigan plant until four babies got sick and two of them died.

Anybody who skips over that part to blame the FDA for shutting down this plant is somebody you need to stop voting for. If you're a Republican trying to "protect the children" you need to shove off this lie and the surrounding lies about deregulation being good. Hold the liars in your party to account for making this story about corporate negligence into a narrative you don't believe in about the role of government in your lives.

It's also fun to see the flood of perfidious shitheads, I'm sorry, Republicans come out to complain that it's the government's job to fix a supply issue with a product. Abbott is a bad business that deserved to fail for getting babies sick in a way that was clearly due to their negligence. Where's all the fervor for another company to rise to the challenge? Isn't the free market the solution?

No? It's government's job to provide necessities for its citizens? I don't believe you. You're arguing in bad faith.

I don't really care about Hunter Biden's crimes. It just doesn't matter to me that much. Just like the crimes of Drumpf's children didn't actually matter that much to me.

I do care about Republican perfidy insofar as they're willing to pretend Hunter Biden's crimes matter and that the Drumpf children's crimes don't. Unlike Hunter Biden, the Drumpf children were given special access and positions within the White House. They were actually given public office.

Said differently, I'm not going to let a bunch of Republicans control a narrative that Chinese money is "more corrupting" than Russian money.

I want to start by saying the Republicans are the villains in this scenario. It's hard to see how the Democrats are going to turn the reversal of Roe v Wade into a winning vote for them. In particular, despite all the hemming and hawing, there is no current proposal to solidify medical rights for women or privacy rights in general. The idea that Democrats should wait to see the final decision is exactly why they're "the lesser of evils" and not the heroes of this tale. They have very little interest in protecting people's rights or stopping the rich from burning us alive.

It's fucking pathetic.

As reprehensible as Madison Cawthorn is, the latest attack on him by Republicans is reprehensible. You guys don't care about putting a rapist into the Supreme Court, but you pretend to care that this guy parties? Fuck off with your false moral grandstanding and general anti-freedom attitude.

I still remain a member of the "Fuck that shit" generation.

This is by Bruce MacKinnon, the editorial cartoonist for the Halifax Chronicle-Herald.

Susan Collins was lying at the time. We knew she was lying at the time. She knew she was lying at the time. Most Republicans knew she was lying at the time. It's a lie they all participated in and are complicit in. This is simply the way of most Republicans.

The one upside to the Depp-Heard trial is that it's giving me an opportunity to immediately say "Never recommend this channel" on YouTube. Based on my demographic details YouTube seems to think I have any interest whatsoever in all of these MRAs who are using defending Depp as an opportunity for everyday, misogynist insults. I get it guys, you don't like women. Stop pretending you have some sort of point other than that to make.

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We come here in search of a place to express our thoughts outside of the direct control and surveillance of unaccountable, mega-corporations. There is no common theme that binds us other than these being the bonds we've chosen rather than those that have been chosen for us.