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I feel like I was very recently talking about how SC and SC2 were sort of deceptive about the size of the units in game versus the lore. Apparently some people agreed and made a mod to highlight the differences.

Apparently I share the same birthday with Daisy Ridley.

This song is a ballad to the last dinosaur.


-- Gas Station Boner Pills

Said differently, Mitch McConnel should be taken about as seriously as a mob boss when he complains that the cops keep arresting them "for no reason."

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I heard about Whitewater every day of Bill Clinton's Presidency and that was about one illegal real estate deal.

Justice Thomas voted to suppress evidence of his wife's crimes and Mitch McConnel is acting like we're crazy to want to punish him for that.

Republicans, if it was reasonable to blackmail Ukraine for political dirt on your rivals, it's reasonable to legally inquire about the crimes of sitting Supreme Court justices committed while they're sitting justices.

The Lede
Meta paid a GOP firm to seed op-eds and letters with alleged stories about "harmful" TikTok trends to local news outlets across America. These trends were pushed by the firm Targeted Victory (who received $237M from Republican campaign spending in 2020) and the rumors were often picked up from fake Facebook challenges, like "Slap a Teacher TikTok challenge" — which never existed in the first place.

I love that at this bar "light" means just one shot.

How did I not know there's a Mean Girls musical and why haven't I seen it?

I understand that there are people out there who will intentionally misinterpret me in order to push their particular political agenda. Appeasing them is a waste of time. Don't let it dissuade you from good positions. They usually aren't actually making a policy claim, just trying to throw out FUD.

I want to harp on that last bit a moment: We helped pay to develop the Tesla. Our current government is notoriously bad at making deals which guarantee that the people get something back for the money we put in. That car should be cheaper for us anyway.

At the same time, if the answer is a Tesla in every driveway, I'm not sure why we can't subsidize that just like we subsidized the risk for the shareholders in Tesla. The world is fucking burning.

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To my mind this explicitly includes consumer subsidies. We need to cut back on direct corporate welfare and make them work through a customer to get their government money.

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I'm glad that gas prices are high. For the last couple decades the cartels have artificially lowered the price of gas in order to try to make people forget that, as a species, we need to stop using fossil fuels. When you transform these negative emotions into political action remember: Don't ask your politicians for cheaper gas. Ask them for cheaper alternatives.

Take that extra 10 billion dollars in pure profits you want them to spend to try to convince BP to stop price gouging us and instead spend it on EV subsidies, recharging infrastructure, and other alternative transportation systems.

It's just ridiculous to watch somebody who is essentially the source of the problem talk about this like it's somebody else's responsibility.

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If you're looking to get a great example of what it looks like for a person in power to charming lie to your face here you go:

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We come here in search of a place to express our thoughts outside of the direct control and surveillance of unaccountable, mega-corporations. There is no common theme that binds us other than these being the bonds we've chosen rather than those that have been chosen for us.