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Last night I watched the Paul Rudd episode of SNL (episode 918). Because it was his fifth time hosting Tina Fey and Tom Hanks were there to congratulate him. The omicron variant's spread in NYC led to them sending nearly the whole cast home. This meant that the show was mostly flashbacks to previous skits.

Tom Hanks introduced a skit that he'd done in 1991. It was a parody of a Christmas special with Carl Sagan warning about the dangers of climate change.


It's been 30 years and politicians are still uselessly vacillating over whether we should do any economic harm to energy companies or do economic harm to everybody, but starting with everybody except the energy companies.

Joe Manchin is just the latest disgrace is a long and continuing line of disgraceful, short-sighted, rent-seeking politicians. They continue to prefer to kill us all in a way where they steer the car right over the cliff, rather than turning the wheel in a way that'll make people slide around in the back and driving in a different direction.

Cowards. Sycophants. Traitors to the human race.

Scared by that new report on climate change? Here's what you can do to help:

  • Demand accountability from your elected leaders for not taking climate change seriously
  • Advocate hard for policy changes which will curb climate change making it clear that you're willing to make sacrifices if they are made collectively
  • Support and, if you have the means, participate in investment activism to turn "shareholder value" into climate responses rather than wealth accumulation

Why do we still not have a good Morphic IDE in any language other than Smalltalk?

I keep getting caught up in Lively4 and Lively-Web, but I can never tell if this project is dead or not.

I’m about nine hours in on Final Fantasy 13 and I had no idea just how linear this game is. I expected to get to a world map or something but I think it’s just not going to happen.

I’m digging the hard boss fights in the game though. Because of the linear nature it feels like I should be able to take on a boss, so I stick to it and try new strategies. The game is good and being able to retry and skip cutscenes so far.

Just finished the Witcher season 2 and I'm looking forward to what comes next.

How far will a brand go to fuck over its workers? Apparently to the point where they hope you forget the brand entirely.

"Really 'all right' or 'not ready to talk about it all right'."

New episode of the Expanse is out!

The most recent windows update has wildly slowed down my machine. This sucks.

I'm gonna try out Fell Mark to see if it's the FFT game I'm looking for

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