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The first thing people do when they complain about Critical Race Theory is demonstrate how they need to be taught and understand Critical Race Theory.

definitely agree that employees have the power. It's why I'm so personally happy to see them rejecting these jobs that haven't recognized this and won't raise their wages.

As for the boomer thing though... Boomers made more money. They actually didn't save enough money and are in trouble now because they depend on all of the entitlement programs that are under attack. Boomers tend to be in total denial about their privileges and facts about inflation. That's why millennials give them grief.

In this context there is a metric for it: Real wages. The reasons why real wages haven't grown much in two or three generations are probably harder to break down here, but the facts remain.

If your conservativism has no answer for climate change then it is worthless. You must find a framework to meaningfully address this problem. It is an existential crisis.

It's gotten bad enough that CNN is moving towards full-on bullshit mountain references for FOX News.

How many of you would have been kicked out of all of your extra curriculars if it was common practice to eject people for insulting school while they weren't there?

Republicans: Jobs don't fucking matter if we're all dead because of climate change.

To some degree any policy being made that doesn't consider climate change as the most important priority is a waste of our time.

I'll reserve my analysis for after I get a better look at the Republican response to the Democrat's infrastructure plan. For now though I will say that it's refreshing for Republicans to put forward competing bills rather than claiming one will show up later and then never doing it.

Part of why consent decrees and reform don't work is because they know the people enforcing them aren't willing to actually punish the cops. If you're not willing to abolish or defund the police, then what punishment do you have when cops disobey the consent decree and reforms?

It's an easy question to ask: How complicit do you want to be in your dystopia?

Don't let them throw up the smokescreen and let you forget about this crap the next time they complain that the right is being treated unfairly or censored for their political views.

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Republicans continue to attempt to abuse their legislative power to punish lawful conduct that they don't like. They continue to work hard to convince you that boycotting a company or choosing not to watch a particular comedian is wrong, but that changing laws to punish a company in retaliation for their speech or making it unlawful to tell certain sorts of jokes is okay.

Do not trust their lies.

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We come here in search of a place to express our thoughts outside of the direct control and surveillance of unaccountable, mega-corporations. There is no common theme that binds us other than these being the bonds we've chosen rather than those that have been chosen for us.