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Chris Wallace specifically calling out a Republican for lying about the content of SB 202, the most recent voter suppression law passed in Georgia as of this writing.

I've been really enjoying the Discord, tools, and content around Lancer RPG. They just launched their new website:

It looks like that dumb scene in Once Upon a Time In Mexico where they gave Antonio Banderas fake guns and added all of the muzzle flash and bullets later. He's flopping around on his back with a rifle in each hand and they're just swinging around wildly while he pretends to fire them.

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This guy looks like somebody did a bad job of linking a gun model to the player model. As if he just switched the rifle model into the same positions they used for the pistol model.

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The best argument I've seen recently for banning this style of weapon comes from the corporations involved. I'm linking to a video where they show off some nonsense that actually clarified the other side's arguments: They're lying about what their weapons even are and how people should use them. See the video for this "Pistol Stabilizing Brace" where you see a guy firing what is obviously a small rifle in some sort of nonsense way to make it not illegal to call that thing a pistol.

I spent my whole life being told by conservatives that they don't want to think beyond "If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it must be a duck" and then they pretend this stupid shit looks fine to them.

It went pretty quickly considering. Now I sit here and wait in a post shot zone.

It's hard to watch John Oliver's segment on Tucker Carlson because it has just so much Tucker Carlson in it.

It's an element of modern Republican perfidy that I don't talk about quite as often: They are extremely pro big government and regulation while claiming to be the opposite. There is a very narrow section of policy where they aren't pro-government and that's in relation to corporate personhood in relation to their ability to funnel them dark money.

In nearly every other category at nearly every opportunity they prefer government regulation. They battle the first amendment at every turn using some hypocritical moral justification. They support onerous regulation in the medical industry in every way except how you pay for it.

You'll often find Democrats taking these same stances, but Democrats are honest about their belief in collectivism. They don't spend all of their time claiming the government can't help and then turn to the government for help the moment most obvious, predictably, easily prepared-for bad thing happens.

Every day it's weird to see conservatives complain about cancel culture. I know it's just the latest branding for trying to build big government regulations and I hope their base isn't really eating up these manipulations.

I remember in my short stint as Anarch Coordinator being surprised that people kept sending in Inceptor Discipline write-ups that had all five levels of the Discipline written up. My response was often something like, "Your character is 15th generation, why are you writing up powers that can't exist?" There were a stack of ways around the limitations in the Anarchs Guide that I got to learn about, enumerate, and say no to.

At the same time though basically my entire tenure was an attempt at compliance to either this book or the major west coast Anarch storyline I'd latched onto. There were enough, "But they got to do this" that it was both frustrating and gave me breadcrumbs to find the source. That experience did make me understand far more why people would often rather just regulate it away.

I feel like I'm of three minds about this:
As a storyteller, I loved doing whatever I wanted for the story and my NPCs.
As a coordinator, I hated when people abused the story in order to get powers.
As a player, I've intentionally never gotten any of this stuff for my characters because it always feels janky. Even with Habeus' weirdest tricks it was technically an NPC that, in one big case, did go away and I just couldn't do the trick anymore.

I still think the best answer is for us to have a set of balance guidelines that can be applied as a red-pen unconditionally, but really, that's parallel to whether or not wiping out custom content is a good idea or not. As has been pointed out Custom Content is just where our writers go to break the system. The books are where the paid writers went to break the system.

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We come here in search of a place to express our thoughts outside of the direct control and surveillance of unaccountable, mega-corporations. There is no common theme that binds us other than these being the bonds we've chosen rather than those that have been chosen for us.