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Apparently today is my anniversary. What to do? What to do?

YouTube is having horrible bandwidth problems today.

Rhinocort has been my go to for a while now, but this most recent bottle I bot the nozzle has been so bad that it keeps fucking up my dosage. A burning nose and ineffective treatment means it's time to look for another product. By and large my experience with products like this is that once the quality/product control goes down it never goes back up.

For a long time we, and large portions of the world, thought of America as an S tier country. On the global stage we probably moved between S and A tier all of the time. This transition is easy to miss and easy to argue about.

A devastating thing about Covid-19 and our response to it is how quickly we're dropping tier and how far we're falling. For the people that thought we were S tier it can be jarring to wake up and realize the country you love is, at best, B tier. B tier is being generous.

The score is still dropping though without even meaningful promises to turn it around. It's a punch in the face.

Just got my tickets to this year's Game Devs of Color Expo. I'm looking forward to seeing how an event like this works online. Maybe I'll actually be able to make it to see all of the speakers I want to?

Smash Brothers Ultimate version 8.1 feels like a genuine improvement for the network version of the game. The matches have felt a lot smoother. I've felt like I'm losing to laggy bullshit less often. Usually when I lose it feels like the person actually outplayed me rather than random stutter having broken the whole match.

Thumbs up Nintendo.

I add exactly one role-playing game to my schedule and suddenly there's a conflict where both want to run on the same night. Damnit.

it's a good thing Sturgis is mostly outside because that's the only hope they have with organizers like this that are okay with 1% of their participants who get sick dying.

He claims to be a scientific person. I wonder if, about two weeks after the fact, he compares the number of sick or dead to previous Sturgis years.

Because, to his point, we did this with the Memorial Day and the BLM protests. I hope, for their sake, that whatever the normal biker behavior is looks more like the protesters than the vacationers.

"Wearing a mask is a personal choice, and there is no practical way to enforce a mandate to wear them.”

None of the kids in that picture are wearing hats. None of those kids have chain wallets on.

Go fuck yourself on this "the dress code is unenforceable" bullshit. You have administrators walking around looking down underage girl's shirts to make sure there isn't too much titty. If they look just a little further up you can see if anybody, breasts or no, is wearing a mask.

Cudlow explicitly says he wants to create incentive systems to get people back to work, but then claims that there is no viable incentive system for getting people to do it safely.

Passing the buck or psycho killer?

Using one of the standard Republican Talking Points Filters, apparently DeKalb County has made strong moves to help enfranchise minority voters.

"encourages the participation of black voters" <- "increases the possibility of voter fraud"
"provides adequate or minimal resources to black voters" <- "diverts resources from critical voter services"

"(ATLANTA)-Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger today called on the DeKalb County Board of Registrations and Elections to rescind its decision to send absentee ballot requests to both active and inactive voters, saying the move increases the possibility of voter fraud and diverts resources from critical voter services, such as proper staffing of polling places. The inactive voter list is largely comprised of inaccurate or obsolete mailing addresses."

I did myself a disservice and watched Jordan and Gaetz part of the committee hearing. I'm not sure what the end-game here is. What do they accomplish by painting these various companies as anti-American?

Conservatives, if you have a problem with the way that Twitter and Facebook are treating your speech, I invite you to look for alternatives! There are a variety that are federated in a way where you can host your own and make all of the moderation decisions yourselves!

One example is the system I'm using as the source of this now: Mastodon. There are a whole lot of options though:

We all chose to give over control to a few walled gardens. We can all chose to take it back.

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We come here in search of a place to express our thoughts outside of the direct control and surveillance of unaccountable, mega-corporations. There is no common theme that binds us other than these being the bonds we've chosen rather than those that have been chosen for us.