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Barr: "I think that most of our cyber activities are executed by the FBI."

So you're not sure if one of your other departments is doing this or not? How quickly the "I needed to get in and review individual cases for fairness" guy turns into "Why would I have any idea what the people who work for me are doing?"

Competent when it comes to defending the President's friends. Incompetent when it comes to defending citizens.

The modern Republican party.

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When asked about the legal authorization and specific surveillance techniques being used... Barr claims he doesn't know and can't speak to individual instances. Quick poll:

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Barr: "We have initiated investigations. We've made arrests."

I thought you hadn't gone out into Portland looking for people? Hm....

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"Being willing to be fair to the individual."

Sort of. In each individual case perhaps, but actually, you're in charge of a department. You want to develop a system of fairness. What your being accused of is being too individual in your application of fairness.

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Not helping the President's friends huh? It's not about their special privilege huh?

Let's see if Representative Johnson asks the obvious follow-up question:

In your tenure as AG, how many cases have you reviewed looking for misapplication of the law which fit similar profiles to Roger Stone, but do not involve the President's friends?

Are you contact with any non-profits which advise on unequal application of the law to provide you extra resources in this regard?

Have you made any meaningful drive in your office, when it didn't involve the President's friends, to educate, incentivize, or provide resources to your line prosecutors specifically to assist them in equally applying the standard you set for Roger Stone?

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Federal forces have absolutely gone out looking for people as part of their operations in Portland.

Barr repeats the lie that the Federal forces aren't going out looking for people in Portland. Then basically says that they are doing this because the State and Municipal government won't do it.

Nadler had to put on a mask to stop himself from repeatedly calling Barr on his bunk.

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My guess is that I'll have to stop watching this hearing when it gets to Representative Gaetz. He's usually too much of an insufferable hypocrite.

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It's interesting to me how he embeds racist, anti-black rhetoric into the middle of his opening statements so seamlessly as if they were meaningful statistics. He has this part of the neo-nazi playbook down pat.

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William Barr claims he's not being influenced by the President. Apparently he's a fascist asshole on his own.

This fits with the conclusions of the Nuremberg Trials anyway. At least he'll understand why he can't use Drumpf as a cover in his war crimes trial.

This weekend was hell with work, but it was worth it. Spent a lot of time in conference calls. I've been unhappy to discover that the problem with the lymph node under my right ear where it hurts from the pressure of headphones is getting worse. I may need to move those terrible in-ear style of headphones to work around it.

digiKam 7.0.0 is out. Time to upgrade and try out some new features. This has been my go to for a few years now and it's been great for managing my local photos.

There was an incident which resulted in all of the VMs for Underground Theater being stopped. I turned the VMs back on and started to check what come up on its own. The api service for Yorick did not reappear.

I suddenly remembered that this VM has literally never been restarted. It's been running from whatever setup I left it in continuously from the beginning.

Luckily, past Andrew left the correct breadcrumbs behind in order to actually start this thing up again. Rather than it being a manual process I'd used nvm and pm2. I'd used pm2 properly so all of the configuration was stored in yaml files in obvious places. I had to dig up the correct version number for vm2 and the correct incantation for pm2, but these were easy steps to resurrect.

I'll give partial points to past Andrew. I didn't leave this in a state where it would auto-restart, but I did leave enough information behind to start it again in about thirty minutes.

Things are moving fast and it's hard for me to synthesize all of the details into a meaningful, long post, but suffice it to say: We are watching the Federal government use laws that were designed to enable secret action and existed on the slippery slope of "fighting terrorism" officially be turned against citizens based on political affiliation.

The veneer that these laws would only be used to protect us against outsiders has been discarded. The justification that it was just about others who didn't deserve human rights has continued to make us despicable. We have trained these forces in desensitization and to see everybody as the enemy.

Now we are the enemy. Everything you wanted them to do to the terrorists, they are doing to us. They don't even check your skin color anymore. What is left to protect you?

The crunch is real when you're in week one mode. I'm gonna ride it through this weekend and hope we've gone through all the major problems by next week. The downside to people liking your new game.

SouljaBoy seems to have had a good time with Rogue Company. It's a fun and exciting time when a game first starts to get attention.

I made the fateful decision to decide to help someone install Minecraft Sky Factor 4.0. I have not been impressed with the process or the amount of scam sites that are also genuine Minecraft sites. Hey is it "within policy" to punch a prone person when it's a 3-on-1? Note the "good cops" dutifully forming the "thin blue line" to hide the shameful actions of their coworkers

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We come here in search of a place to express our thoughts outside of the direct control and surveillance of unaccountable, mega-corporations. There is no common theme that binds us other than these being the bonds we've chosen rather than those that have been chosen for us.