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I love Judge Dredd, but it's a *parody* of American attitudes about policing.

Looks like Discord today added the feature everybody was missing: A stream that shows where all of those messages are coming from in the order that they came in

Video shows cops watch as a protester is assaulted by another person. They police do nothing to the assailant and harass the victim.

Defund the police immediately. None of them deserve your money.

All of these programmers worried about usage of "master" being removed when it wasn't paired with "slave" making the word "master" a casualty in the culture war.

I too hate it when innocent bystanders are taken down. How about we'll revisit your individual petitions about the word "master" after justice for Breonna Taylor?

I picked up Lancer[0] from the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality[1]. I've been looking for this sort of mech game for a while. They also have a companion application Comp/Con[2] that's GPLv3. Naturally I decided to get involved and now I've had my first pull request accepted [3].


I'm always a little sad when I go to use Firefox Developer Edition for modern javascript projects and it just doesn't work. By the time I actually convinced it to display to me the original source of the Statblack.vue file, it didn't actually understand the syntax well enough to give me a breakpoint.

I love computers. I'm a power-user. I bend them to my will in order to do amazing things. However... if every new computer I bought killed my pets, shot my neighbors, and pulled me over for no reason to terrorized me, then I would stop buying them.

I'm not so convinced cops are a good idea from the start, so I definitely don't want to keep purchasing the defective models we're being sold.

There are also specific tax funds that are used to enrich the police department. The total tax funds appears to be ~795 thousand. From that the police get another 114. That's 14% of the total tax fund budget.

The monthly budget for Police is listed as 9.5, but I know that 22% of the general fund is also for policing. Adding that in 29% of the monthly budget is spent on policing.

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It's been coming up a lot so I decided to look at some of the local budgets that affect me. I'm not 100% sure I'm reading Dekalb's budget correctly, but the numbers are still interesting.

From a general fund of ~375 thousand the Police get 6.2 and the Sheriff gets 77. That's roughly 22% of the budget. The next highest allocation is 29 for pensions.

"Opinion: Yes, We Mean Literally Abolish the Police"

"Enough. We can’t reform the police. The only way to diminish police violence is to reduce contact between the public and the police.

There is not a single era in United States history in which the police were not a force of violence against black people."

"The fired officers' lawsuit contends that "their use of force was proper and in compliance with the law, the policies of the Atlanta Police Department, prevailing standards of law enforcement, and the training provided to them through the City of Atlanta Police Department and the State of Georgia.""

It's important to note that they're probably right. This is why we should fire all of these cops.

"[FreeBSD-Announce] New FreeBSD code of conduct"

These days Codes of Conduct are the fastest way to weed out terrible people from your project. Not by actually using the Code of Conduct, but just because it exists. You see it numbers like this from their survey:

"73% say toxic people should be removed from the Project regardless of their technical contribution; 9% disagreed"

Most charitably people do not want to have to deal with toxic personalities. Kudos FreeBSD.

I almost missed the end of this. For some reason, despite this being ostensibly about Seattle, he ends the segment pointing out that crime is up 250% on LA. Even if that were true... what does it have to do with CHAZ and the Seattle situation? Nothing... Nothing at all... It's just propaganda.

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Thanks for joining the cause Travis Yates!

It's funny to watch segments like this and see how hard they have to work to be bad journalists. In particular describing the protesters as, "Turning on their own." These people aren't "Democrats" and it should be clear by their actions that they don't consider the Mayor progressive enough.

Although that would be an obvious and unsurprising thing if you thought they really were leftist revolutionary groups...

"Confessions of a Former Bastard Cop"

"One final idea: consider abolishing the police.
I know what you’re thinking, “What? We need the police! They protect us!” As someone who did it for nearly a decade, I need you to understand that by and large, police protection is marginal, incidental. It’s an illusion created by decades of copaganda designed to fool you into thinking these brave men and women are holding back the barbarians at the gates."

Given the rise of The Situation I have seen an uptick in half-assed listicles of "Top Ten Cars for the Apocalypse" that just lift content straight from Emmy's work.

Why not just get it straight from the source? Support a black enby former car journalist writing about people's goofiest cars.

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