Part of why consent decrees and reform don't work is because they know the people enforcing them aren't willing to actually punish the cops. If you're not willing to abolish or defund the police, then what punishment do you have when cops disobey the consent decree and reforms?

It's an easy question to ask: How complicit do you want to be in your dystopia?

Don't let them throw up the smokescreen and let you forget about this crap the next time they complain that the right is being treated unfairly or censored for their political views.

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Republicans continue to attempt to abuse their legislative power to punish lawful conduct that they don't like. They continue to work hard to convince you that boycotting a company or choosing not to watch a particular comedian is wrong, but that changing laws to punish a company in retaliation for their speech or making it unlawful to tell certain sorts of jokes is okay.

Do not trust their lies.

"If you want to live in a free country you have to recognize that it's not only free on issues that are convenient for you."

I was just directly helped by python breaking up bytes and str and never converting implicitly.

You have to go out of your way to break standard design practices to make a website inaccessible. Legal or no big companies should be designing their sites to be accommodating.

"This is what we’ve learned from the Georgia voting-rights fiasco: Corporations are still corporations, the White House’s metaphors are overheated, and the Georgia legislation is far worse. Democrats’ rhetorical embellishments pale in comparison to both the voting-fraud conspiracy theory that inspired Georgia Republicans and the needless provisions of the law itself. Lurking beneath all this confusion and incoherence is a basic partisan difference: GOP activism is about making it harder to vote; Democratic activism is about making it harder to make it harder to vote. If that is the choice before us, I for one know which box I’m prepared to check."

If you want to read about how terrible Drumpf is consider Bob Woodward's books instead. Bob Woodward was never responsible for the problem. He was a journalist. An actual bystander. Not one of these politicians hoping you don't focus on the part of the book where they openly admit how they refused to stand up when their country needed them to.

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Please don't buy Boehner's book. This whole Republican thing of actively assisting in burning down our democracy and then publishing a book to explain how it was somebody else's fault after-the-fact is not a behavior worth rewarding.

"Let's start with the most surreal case of situational ethics."

I need to remember that phrase... "situational ethics."

The same assholes who transformed a hunting club into the primary lobbying arm in support of armed mass murder turn out to be generally corrupt across the board. How unexpected.

I'm sort of against vaccine passports too, but after watching some Fox News coverage I'm starting to wonder if my stance is the wacko one.

This seems a lot like persecuting Delta and Coke for their political beliefs. I could have sworn that Republicans claimed that this was a bad thing?

Just a bit of a reminder that the only consistent parts of the Republican platform are selfishness and cruelty.

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We come here in search of a place to express our thoughts outside of the direct control and surveillance of unaccountable, mega-corporations. There is no common theme that binds us other than these being the bonds we've chosen rather than those that have been chosen for us.