One of the promoted comments gets at how I feel about it:

"It's too bad Nintendo can't see the wisdom in allowing the glitch which makes a pseudo-creative mode of the game to cater to even more people. One more push toward emulation so people can run the version of the game they like."

I've never had more interest in downloading a Switch Emulator than I did last night when I loaded up TotK and the item duping glitch was fixed.

Before it leaves my mind, one of the other incorrect things this guy said was something along the lines of, "When you hire somebody, and a bunch of people refuse to work with them, you fire the people that refused not the guy you hired."

I basically lived this as a policy for years when LARPing. The result? Playing with a sea of dudes having run off almost every girl in the scene because of sexual harassment. Sometimes the loudmouth is the problem, but the parable of the "now it's a nazi bar" is one I've seen happen more often than the other way around.

I often try to map the way that these right-wingers masquerading as anti-censorship people behave to a system that I know very well.

I'm very much an advocate for personal privacy. One place this can go is the dark web and digital privacy. If you've ever found yourself participating in an anonymous dark web or sneaker net there is a lot of stuff that goes on there which is exploitative and awful. One of the consequences of supporting personal privacy is making it easier for those that are misusing that privacy to do bad things.

Those systems do not come without models of trust. There is always some mechanic that can be used to classify sources of connection or interlink. These give you a choice to make about what you do when you identify things on the network that you think are wrong.

As in, you can chose to block that node, not associate with those people, downvote that style of information while still supporting the fundamental infrastructure that protects the privacy of even the individuals you are blocking.

One of the common traits to the anti-censorship crowd that are more often actually just the white supremacist crowd is that they pretend that they don't know the distinction. They pretend that the choice to disassociated and refuse to carry on certain data is the same as not supporting digital privacy at all. They regularly make the false claim that taking an ideological stand on what I host and forward from my node is the same as not running a node at all.

That's bunk and it's a trap designed to assist the oppressor.

"somehow he ended up with an audience to the right of where he was"

Over and over again these descriptions that pass the buck and play the victim. There's never any hint of examination of the situation for what it was: This person was never "right of center" in the what that's being expressed. The audience didn't drag them to the right, the audience recognized their shared beliefs even if the person stating them didn't.

If it had been otherwise, then the speaker would have recognized how those beliefs were inconsistent and railed against it rather than accepting it. They would have examined how their supposed "anti-censorship" beliefs were actually "pro-supremacist" beliefs that just happened to apply to a censorship question.

They didn't though because they were always bigots. They were always supporting bigots. They were always supported by bigots. They always found bigotry acceptable in personal way, not just in a consequence-of-some-other-belief way.

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"you get forced into the same box as bigots, so you can somewhat help but to conform to some of their views."

Not to deny that this is a prominent recruiting tactic for white supremacists and other right wingers, but this is the tale wagging the dog. The Gamer Gate group were the groomers here, not the innocent victims of bigoted corruption.

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"It's more to do with audience capture, echo chambering, and echo prisons."

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that the defense is "it's somebody else's fault" or "they're just the victims." If I'd had to bet I would have put money on this being the defense. Supremacists and the like love to blame their problems on somebody else and play the victim card.

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I'd paused the video too early apparently. The next thing he says is something along the lines of, "Some will take this as an aha! They're the thing we always knew they were!." I'm betting I'm going to find the defense amazing.

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It's funny to me how close this guy is to getting it. He wrote at entire book defending Gamer Gate because he swears the popular conception of those people is wrong because he knew them personally. Yet every time it comes up time seems to provide more and more evidence that those people were exactly the misogynist, hateful conservatives just looking for a target of their ill will and anti-social agenda that they'd always appeared to be.

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Somebody on YouTube that I follow lamented that those "gamer gate" and other "anti-SJW" people have all become right wing hacks and outrage merchants. A certain response immediately came to mind...

I went to go figure out where to replace my DUBS earplugs. Apparently they went out of business in 2017. I guess these lasted me a long time.

Damn... this video for a Closer cover is pretty hot. I like how they used a stripper poll to emulate Reznor's original spinning effect.

Chris Hayes nailing his description of DeSantis as a fundamentally authoritarian, anti-local government, anti-freedom candidate.

I stand with the writers. Every industry that the writer's strike "kills" is one that chose to lose everything rather than share the spoils. Good riddance.

I knew it was a bad idea to start playing Tears of the Kingdom while I had literally anything else I intended to get done today.

Amy St. Pierre was shot at the recent Atlanta mass shooting. I guess I'm 2 or 3 degrees of separation from somebody killed in a mass shooting now. She was the wife of a former co-worker.

It's important to be reminded from time to time that it's the workers we need, not the owners. All of us suffer everyday anyway, so at least this suffering also hurts them.

"Justice Samuel Alito would like everyone to know that in the wake of the Supreme Court revoking 50 years of abortion rights and then being plagued by corruption scandal after corruption scandal, our criticism of him and his institution is very much hurting his feelings."

Resistance against trans genocide often looks and feels like this: one, lone trans woman, standing alone, with no allies around her, her voice silenced, her dead mic raised defiantly above her head, her terrified eyes begging someone to listen, to help, to stop this madness.

Some More News making a point... "Radical Leftist Ron DeSantis Vs Small Businesses"

police violence, police brutality, death, stopcopcity 

We knew APD was lying on Tortuguita when they wouldn't release the body cam footage. And if you didn't, you should have.

"According to the autopsy sent to ABC News, Teran did not have gunpowder residue on their hands. Officials claimed Teran fired the first shot at a state trooper. Officers then responded with gunfire.

"Teran had at least 57 gunshot wounds in their body, according to the autopsy, including in the hands, torso, legs and head. "

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We come here in search of a place to express our thoughts outside of the direct control and surveillance of unaccountable, mega-corporations. There is no common theme that binds us other than these being the bonds we've chosen rather than those that have been chosen for us.