This is by Bruce MacKinnon, the editorial cartoonist for the Halifax Chronicle-Herald.

It's funny that they toss in "cancel culture" here because the movie was warning about a very different thing from that. Cancel culture is about responding to people that are victimizing you by no longer consuming their media. The movie warns about religious conservatives obsessed with making sure people never feel bad, which has a lot more in common more right-leaning movements that try to sanitize our history so we only ever feel joy-joy feelings.

This meme really does sum up how I feel. The Russian invasion of Ukraine is more distant to me than our home-grown coup on January 6th was. I do care though and, as a species in the process of killing itself, it seems epically stupid to take actions like this. The upside is that maybe if NATO is serious about sanctions this will rapidly move Europe away from gas powered vehicles.

The kids complained about the fans in their computer making noise. I looked at it and realized I haven't cleaned this thing the entire time we've owned it.

Knoppix still manages to solve my problems whenever I need a Linux live cd

It tough watching another wave show up. I'm also reminded every time I look at this chart that the little flat line at the beginning is when the Republicans declared victory and that we should reopen the economy.

Scared by that new report on climate change? Here's what you can do to help:

  • Demand accountability from your elected leaders for not taking climate change seriously
  • Advocate hard for policy changes which will curb climate change making it clear that you're willing to make sacrifices if they are made collectively
  • Support and, if you have the means, participate in investment activism to turn "shareholder value" into climate responses rather than wealth accumulation

How far will a brand go to fuck over its workers? Apparently to the point where they hope you forget the brand entirely.

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