We construct our digital lightning rocks in a way they'll pretend for us that electrical voltage differences cleanly partition into just two categories: zero and one. Sometimes this lie is very hard to maintain and they fail at it. Every now and then the sun gets mad at us for doing this and imparts a category of electrical voltage that always existed, but is rarely seen inside of our lightning rocks. The result is often the same: The lightning rock is useless to a user of the computer that depends on it maintaining the lie of zero and one.

When RAM fails because it can't hold charge properly anymore we throw it away. When a chip manufacturer detects that they've built a chip where power leaks across a path so it doesn't hit the same timings consistently they throw it away. We have no use for these things because they don't fit the model of the world we use as a platform for digital computing.

When you throw away a broken RAM stick, who is the asshole? The sun probably. Not really you, because it's broken. It doesn't fit the model.

Unfortunately, this is the same reasoning the average bigot applies to transgender people and the gender binary in general.

Like the digital model, we have largely built a society that depends on doctors to enforce the lie that human genetics cleanly partitions into exactly two categories: male and female. Unlike the digital model, it is not the lightning rocks that suffer when the truth comes out, but, instead, real human beings.

When you throw away a broken human, who is the asshole? You are. When you throw away broken humans en masse, what are you? A monster.


There's been some confusion about this post, so I want to make something 100% clear:

Transgender people are not broken. The system that makes them feel broken is built on a convenient lie. Even if you believe transgender people are broken, they are deserving of a place in our society as fellow humans.

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