It's price gouging. We must replace our oil based consumer infrastructure. We should no longer be beholden to despots. We should no longer actively participate in the slow-rolling murder of ourselves and our children. Oil companies have known they they were personally helping to kill us all and destroy the earth for the entire time I've been alive. I have never been alive at a time when oil companies were not actively working to kill all of us with intentional malice and deception.

"But this does not mean that the actual amount of price increase is justified by the increase in costs. And as a matter of fact, what we have seen is that profits are skyrocketing, which means that companies have increased prices by more than cost. In the earnings reports, companies have bragged about how they have managed to be ahead of the inflation curve, how they have managed to jack up prices more than their costs and as a result have delivered these record profits."

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