As an aside on all of this, I don't find the concept of NFTs to be ridiculous or anything like that. I think the hype is currently a little silly, but that's as far as any disdain goes.

The earliest form of this that I liked, but hasn't gained much traction, was LBRY.

Essentially a shared digital marketplace is the only way to solve the real problem of digital piracy: Rather than controlling access to data, which is nearly impossible, we reach consensus on permission for data. Said a different way: Currently, when I've finished pirating a show so I can watch it however the fuck I want, there's no way for me to remunerate anybody involved. Because we treat the act of hosting material for these business as a crime rather than a service I usually can't even admit that I did it.

This is one of the things that smart contract systems can help to fix. We already went ahead with paying the hosting fees, bandwidth fees, and power consumption ourselves for the data. Might as well toss some gas money to the creators so we can get more.

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