Doug Collins spent a huge swath of his time during the Drumpf's first impeachment hearings in the House making a variety of claims about the "clock and the calendar." His disingenuous assertion was that the Democrats were rushing things. That there needed to be more hearings, more witnesses, and more information on the record.

Doug Collins knew he was lying at the time. Every member of the House and Senate across both parties knew that he was lying at the time.

While he was making these arguments Mitch McConnell made it clear that he'd heard enough of the information and the planned defense of Drumpf was simply to ignore any indicting information and vote to acquit.

Republicans like to retell stories about themselves to try to paper over their overt lies and general disdain for electoral freedom. Don't give the 9th back to them. It was our fault that such a corrupt, perfidious, anti-democratic loyalist was there in the first place. Don't give them another shot at it.

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