I remember in my short stint as Anarch Coordinator being surprised that people kept sending in Inceptor Discipline write-ups that had all five levels of the Discipline written up. My response was often something like, "Your character is 15th generation, why are you writing up powers that can't exist?" There were a stack of ways around the limitations in the Anarchs Guide that I got to learn about, enumerate, and say no to.

At the same time though basically my entire tenure was an attempt at compliance to either this book or the major west coast Anarch storyline I'd latched onto. There were enough, "But they got to do this" that it was both frustrating and gave me breadcrumbs to find the source. That experience did make me understand far more why people would often rather just regulate it away.

I feel like I'm of three minds about this:
As a storyteller, I loved doing whatever I wanted for the story and my NPCs.
As a coordinator, I hated when people abused the story in order to get powers.
As a player, I've intentionally never gotten any of this stuff for my characters because it always feels janky. Even with Habeus' weirdest tricks it was technically an NPC that, in one big case, did go away and I just couldn't do the trick anymore.

I still think the best answer is for us to have a set of balance guidelines that can be applied as a red-pen unconditionally, but really, that's parallel to whether or not wiping out custom content is a good idea or not. As has been pointed out Custom Content is just where our writers go to break the system. The books are where the paid writers went to break the system.

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