"EliGE Exposed the Most Toxic Team in Counter-Strike"

This video starts out saying a whole CS:GO team was dropped because of "revelations" of toxic, racist behavior. My immediate thought, and why I put revelations in quotes, was, "There is a 100% chance that this accusation is true." I love the game to death, but video games are a cesspool of terrible white racists and CS:GO is the central hub that they spend their time.

At about the three minute mark they play an interview with the former members of this CS:GO team. Their defense reinforces that they 100% are toxic, racist shitbirds. Not because they repeated any of those things, but because of how perfectly the repeat the script this sort uses to defend itself. They accuse EliGE of getting them banned "for no reason" and things like "they never said it in PUGs" and "think about how you act with your closest friends." They are expressing the "harmless" indoctrination that CS:GO fosters in its community and why it's such a good place for white supremacist groups to pick up new recruits.

A substantial portion of CS:GO players deserve to be banned. These guys are no exception.

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