I decided to watch some of the impeachment proceedings. It's hard to get into the details because a lot of these people have such a wild detachment from the truth and are so intentionally misrepresenting what certain words mean that it's hard to respond to. I'll say instead what it looks like to me.

A bully spends all year threatening to punch you in the face. One day he finally does it. When you start to punch back they run to the teacher. The two of you are standing there together in front of the teacher. You're bleeding from the eye and they're bleeding from the knuckle. The bully points to these two things for the teacher and claims that now is the time for healing not for blame or punishment.

In most places, you'd punish the bully. In the schools I grew up in teachers typically punished both students because they'd been mandated to disengage their brains from any system of punishment. Is what we're seeing in Congress the result of this idiocy?

Did those bullies grow up letting this injustice convince them that the guy that got punched is always equally culpable as the guy that did the punching?

Republicans are playing the victim card hard. They walked up and punched all of us and are now claiming it's both inappropriate for us to hit back or to even punish them for hitting us in the first place.

Republican perfidy.

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