Back when the pandemic started and my family went into lockdown I decided I wanted to track the daily COVID-19 numbers that Georgia was putting out. I watched them fairly excitedly hoping we'd turn a corner soon as everybody else went into lockdown alongside us. I remember looking at the downturn in cases and debating with my mom when she was going to be allowed to see her grandkids again.

I told her the numbers still weren't good enough.

I told her that, despite the fact that everybody seemed to be opening up, we hadn't passed a single CDC or WHO benchmark for opening up.

I told her this would be a disaster.


The last time I remember having that conversation in earnest was on May 25th 2020. This also happens to be the last day I did my own personal screenshot based tracking of the Georgia DPH website. Here is that picture. It is without any edits. It's just a screenshot from the website.

Every time I look at this picture I'm mad about the way in which the lines were added by the government with such weasel word descriptions. The "Shelter in Place order Extended" bar is better described as when we did the first phase of opening up.

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This is what that same webpage and image look like today. I've added a slight red square to highlight the area of the graph which is covered by my first screenshot. Notice how tiny it is.

The other thing to notice is how the Government hasn't kept up that set of bars telling you about state laws anymore. It doesn't mark the date that Governor Kemp put out an order explicitly stopping local mask ordinances. It doesn't highlight any other feelgood speeches.

If you look at this it implies that the Government did nothing. That this is some out of control thing that they had no influence on. I sort of wish that were the case that they could have been a neutral influence on the spread of this virus rather than a negative one.

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Please. Remember the scale at which Republican impatience, selfishness, and short-sightedness failed us. Remember how close we were to actually turning the corner on this thing. This is not hindsight being 20/20. It was well-known, well-documented, and well-explained by those that cared about human life and were responsible for advising the public on how to deal with these things.

Our leaders ignored them to our peril.

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