We're lied to so often by this administration that I have trouble believing it when they say something that sounds true and not horrible. Did Israel and UAE really make a deal and is it really a good thing? Is convalescent plasma actually working as a treatment for COVID-19?

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@gnu_lorien The deal fell through. They were going to have 3-way talks between the US, Israel, and UAE, but then Netanyahu publicly stated opposition to UAE buying fighter jets, so the UAE got mad and cancelled.

@bullseye is this super recent? I don't remember that being mentioned in the article I read about Pompeo's speech at the RNC.

@gnu_lorien Convalescent plasma is almost certainly safe, and should work in theory, but there hasn't been much testing. Seems to me they might as well start using it, but the FDA is a very cautious organization.

@bullseye The reason this one came up for me is that on Sunday there was a press conference at the White House which implied it had passed a recent trial of some kind. I couldn't tell from the framing whether it was bunk or not. There was specifically a call asking for people to donate plasma for this treatment.

I remember now... This was the treatment that is being held up by the FDA's lifestyle ban on homosexuals. We need more plasma from the people who've gotten over it, but the infection pattern has meant that the normal, discriminatory selection process used for blood donations narrows the field too much.

I wonder if embedded in this announcement I saw was a silver lining.

I need to catch up on this one.

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