William Barr claims he's not being influenced by the President. Apparently he's a fascist asshole on his own.

This fits with the conclusions of the Nuremberg Trials anyway. At least he'll understand why he can't use Drumpf as a cover in his war crimes trial.

It's interesting to me how he embeds racist, anti-black rhetoric into the middle of his opening statements so seamlessly as if they were meaningful statistics. He has this part of the neo-nazi playbook down pat.

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My guess is that I'll have to stop watching this hearing when it gets to Representative Gaetz. He's usually too much of an insufferable hypocrite.

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Federal forces have absolutely gone out looking for people as part of their operations in Portland.

Barr repeats the lie that the Federal forces aren't going out looking for people in Portland. Then basically says that they are doing this because the State and Municipal government won't do it.

Nadler had to put on a mask to stop himself from repeatedly calling Barr on his bunk.

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Not helping the President's friends huh? It's not about their special privilege huh?

Let's see if Representative Johnson asks the obvious follow-up question:

In your tenure as AG, how many cases have you reviewed looking for misapplication of the law which fit similar profiles to Roger Stone, but do not involve the President's friends?

Are you contact with any non-profits which advise on unequal application of the law to provide you extra resources in this regard?

Have you made any meaningful drive in your office, when it didn't involve the President's friends, to educate, incentivize, or provide resources to your line prosecutors specifically to assist them in equally applying the standard you set for Roger Stone?

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"Being willing to be fair to the individual."

Sort of. In each individual case perhaps, but actually, you're in charge of a department. You want to develop a system of fairness. What your being accused of is being too individual in your application of fairness.

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Barr: "We have initiated investigations. We've made arrests."

I thought you hadn't gone out into Portland looking for people? Hm....

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When asked about the legal authorization and specific surveillance techniques being used... Barr claims he doesn't know and can't speak to individual instances. Quick poll:

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Barr: "I think that most of our cyber activities are executed by the FBI."

So you're not sure if one of your other departments is doing this or not? How quickly the "I needed to get in and review individual cases for fairness" guy turns into "Why would I have any idea what the people who work for me are doing?"

Competent when it comes to defending the President's friends. Incompetent when it comes to defending citizens.

The modern Republican party.

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Johnson: "Can you ask those members that choose not to come to work to silence their cell phones."

"Hi, piece of shit over here not wearing a mask, can you tell that person that won't come here because I'm intentionally endangering them to stop doing other things that inconvenience me too?"

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Federal forces have been recorded out on the street kidnapping people.

Barr: "We're not out on the street looking for trouble."

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First line of defense:

There aren't many of them. He then goes into how the number of them is increasing rapidly... haven't gotten to how they're not stormtroopers yet. I believe he thinks that's what he's saying, but hasn't actually.

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If the state had come in, we wouldn't need stormtroopers kinapping people in unmarked vans!

WAAAAAAH. Oppressing people is sooooo hard.

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He never actually made a substantive claim that they weren't stormtroopers. He just justified the need for more of them. We all perfectly understand why Nazis need more footsoldiers and disappearing squad as their behavior becomes more obvious. You didn't need to explain that part.

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Lee: "You seem to have a difficult time understanding racism and institutional racism."

Directed at Barr. Definitely true.

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Lee: "Does the Trump Justice Department seek to end systemic racism and racism in law enforcement?"

Barr: "I don't agree that there's systemic racism in police departments generally in this country."

Against our people perhaps. Roger Stone got a fair shake! See? Nothing's wrong at all.

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You'll be shocked to know that Barr wants to continue qualified immunity and doesn't believe that it's prevented people from seeking justice for police misconduct.

He seems to be entirely misinformed about his department.

The continued perfidy of the modern Republican party.

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"We're doing better than previous administrations."

Well, firstly, no you're not. Lee just read it out to you.

Secondly, so? The byline is that Democrats suck and can't even run cities. Talk about a low bar...

White people, your racists are doing that thing again where they describe the strengths of black people and then somehow convince you that those are weaknesses. As in, if a black President was better at suppressing the rights of minorities, why did you switch back to whites running things?

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"He felt he could not be removed by the President because he was court appointed."

That seems like an oversight in this particular law.

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Did somebody just hook up a Breitbart feed directly into Gohmert's brain and hit play? It's hard to tell the difference.

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Gohmert: "I'm sorry for the abuse you've taken when you're just trying to do your job."

Gohmert seems to think that answering questions to your bosses is "abuse." I guess he must really understand what it's like to be a cabinet member under Drumpf.

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Had to get back to work, so it was Gohmert that knocked me out of the ability to continue.

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