Today I had a chance to fix the last thing I wanted to do before trying to get all of my friends into Mastodon: Upgrade my instance to using glitch-soc. The number one reason is that I hate the threading mode view of long-form text on micro-blogging platforms. I'd rather this just be a blogging platform really.

The process was not as painless as it could have been, but it was fun.

I started out with the straightforward documentation on The first thing that broke was in step 1.3. Simply doing a checkout doesn't work the way this code expected. On step 2. the `git pull` failed because I was on a detached head.

I turned to the indispensable Stack Overflow and found After updating my master branch to track glitch-soc/master, `git pull` successfully did a fast-forward on my current branch.

The next thing to break was my set of modifications for image and video size. `git pull` warned me about the conflict. `git diff` went straight to it. glitch-soc allows you to use environment variables to set the image and video maximum size, so I converted my values into the correct settings and `git reset HEAD $f && git checkout -- $f` my changes away.

The next issue was a lot harder to deal with, but I got great and timely feedback from one of the developers of glitch-soc. That whole event is chronicle here:

Essentially, Digital Ocean provides a helpful rake task to handle the basic configuration when you get started. It depends on the `tty-command` gem, which glitch-soc no longer installs. This meant that all of my rake tasks were failing trying to load this file. The stack trace didn't make that very clear and I restored this instance from snapshot around four times trying to figure this out.

It's all good and all working now though. I'll call that a good day's upgrade.

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