I find myself in the unenviable position of being on Facebook's side on this one. What's happening here is that telcos have found a new spin on trying to extort people in the way that their monopolies uniquely allow them to do so.

This is laid bare by Telefónica complaining about regulation. The existence of that regulation is basically the only reason we have the internet today. Without it telcos would happily destroy themselves and the market for their products by abusing the monopolies they're handed by governments even further.

None of us owe any of these telecom companies an extra dime. In many cases they owe us for not fulfilling their obligations in the one-sided agreements they get from governments to maintain monopolies. They owe us for the anti-trust behavior they openly admit to by carving up the access maps to avoid competing with one another.

This is probably one of the only situations where I'll say this: Facebook is doing nothing wrong here. Demonstrably worse companies are just hoping to make our lives a little worse by glomming on to the genuine hate-train going around for Facebook.


I heard Adam Savage say this today, "I am a recovering mansplainer." I feel that.

I miss Ops work being generalized knowledge of UNIX and not specialized knowledge of some startup products that won't exist in 10 years.

"To put it more plainly, for the past 10 years venture capitalists have had near-perfect laboratory conditions to create a lot of money and make the world a much better place. And yet, some of their proudest accomplishments that have attracted some of the most eye-watering sums have been: 1) chasing the dream of zeroing out labor costs while monopolizing a sector to charge the highest price possible (A.I. and the gig economy); 2) creating infrastructure for speculating on digital assets that will be used to commodify more and more of our daily lives (cryptocurrency and the metaverse); and 3) militarizing public space, or helping bolster police and military operations."

"You would be hard-pressed to find another parasite that has so thoroughly wrecked the body and environment of its host, all while trying to convince the host that it is deserving of praise and further accommodation."

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It almost slipped passed me... Here's Georgia's anti-trans legislation. As is usually the case, the excuse is that kids need to be protected. Funny how parental rights are so important when it comes to denying our participation in slavery, but parental rights are bollocks when it comes to deciding medical treatment.

It's almost like all of these decisions are in support of the same fundamental bigotry. Hm...


So apparently Republicans decided last night that "for some reason" they need to be able to remove "rogue prosecutors." It makes a sort of sense. We know that Republicans know what Trump did was criminal and that every time they continue to assist in the disillusionment of democracy that they're culpable for it. It makes sense to take a stab at plainly removing the ability for laws to apply to you when you're a criminal.

As the Republicans are fond of saying, if they aren't criminals, then why are they worried about prosecutors?


"Won't you please excuse my bigotry by THINKING OF THE CHILDREN."

Let your kids know I think you're a piece of shit too.

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"Waaaah waaah I'm so mad that you stopped watching a comedian I like that I'm going to legally ban an entire genre of show!"

Pieces of shit the lot of you.

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Today when I say, "Fuck Republicans," I don't mean it just as cohort. I mean you individually. If you self identify. If you vote Republican. Fuck you specifically. You're a piece of shit bigot.

Yes you. Whatever you're thinking right now about how you're not it's just you lying to yourself if you continue to identify and vote this way.


"CAP_TRUST is being introduced to enable Linux security architects to ontologically differentiate processes that are allowed to modify security guarantees based on deontological (rule-based) predicates from processes allowed to modify security guarantees that are based on narratival (event-based) predicates.

More generally, but less accurately, it allows security architectures to be shaped by both Kantian and Hegelian logic perspectives. "


After months of thefts that have led to at least eight deaths, car makers Hyundai and Kia are offering free software updates to roughly 8.3 million cars that can be stolen with the aid of a USB-A cable.

Original tweet : nitter.42l.fr/arstechnica/stat

I definitely think a lot about how it went with doing my keto diet. There was a rise in the number of targeted keto products that weren't crap, but a lot of general foods that had been keto became not during my time.

My Pixel 6a feels crappier than my Pixel 2 did despite definitely being faster.

Always had to wonder am I just becoming a curmudgeonly old man, or are these things actually crappier and getting crappier?


If you're on any sort of specialty diet you should double-check your food ingredients list. In 2023 I've now had to drop three products because they quietly added Dextrose or sugar to the ingredients list.

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