Bullet Train was exactly what the trailer implied it would be and I loved it.

Tried out Multiversus tonight. This is one of those styles of fighting game that just doesn't feel smooth at all. It shouldn't really be a surprise because this is the same style as the mortal combat games. I've just come to prefer more fluid controls rather than feel like pressing the attack button puts concrete boots on my character.

This new exploit highlights one of the reasons I hate how often IT admin software has command consoles and random windows pop up and then go away without user interaction. That's the behavior of malware, so when you intentionally install stuff on a computer that does that you're making your users less likely to notice malware.



I hate how articles like this uncritically throw lines like this in, "Alito, a Roman Catholic, has been perhaps the court’s most ardent advocate of religious rights, at times casting believers as aggrieved for abiding by their faith." In particular, "has been perhaps the court’s most ardent advocate of religious rights." Unless I've missed something very few of his decisions have looked very far beyond his personal religion in order to be informed. It seems he often says the word "religious" in a way that confuses people into thinking he's talking about religion in general, but he exclusively means his personal religious viewpoint, which in some very prominent cases are not consistent with respecting a multitude of faiths.

If we're going this way, can we arrest the bankers that kept money for corrupt politicians? or is this just about taking the most extreme example as a way to enforce your minority morality across the nation?


Elvis made some interesting choices. Then at the end I see it's directed by Baz Luhrmann and it all makes sense.

Apparently it's back to the pattern of a video coming out on each channel around the same time:


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I'm a big fan of the aesthetic here. I'm not sure what the word for it is? Rocker/Demon?


There's been some confusion about this post, so I want to make something 100% clear:

Transgender people are not broken. The system that makes them feel broken is built on a convenient lie. Even if you believe transgender people are broken, they are deserving of a place in our society as fellow humans.

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We construct our digital lightning rocks in a way they'll pretend for us that electrical voltage differences cleanly partition into just two categories: zero and one. Sometimes this lie is very hard to maintain and they fail at it. Every now and then the sun gets mad at us for doing this and imparts a category of electrical voltage that always existed, but is rarely seen inside of our lightning rocks. The result is often the same: The lightning rock is useless to a user of the computer that depends on it maintaining the lie of zero and one.

When RAM fails because it can't hold charge properly anymore we throw it away. When a chip manufacturer detects that they've built a chip where power leaks across a path so it doesn't hit the same timings consistently they throw it away. We have no use for these things because they don't fit the model of the world we use as a platform for digital computing.

When you throw away a broken RAM stick, who is the asshole? The sun probably. Not really you, because it's broken. It doesn't fit the model.

Unfortunately, this is the same reasoning the average bigot applies to transgender people and the gender binary in general.

Like the digital model, we have largely built a society that depends on doctors to enforce the lie that human genetics cleanly partitions into exactly two categories: male and female. Unlike the digital model, it is not the lightning rocks that suffer when the truth comes out, but, instead, real human beings.

When you throw away a broken human, who is the asshole? You are. When you throw away broken humans en masse, what are you? A monster.

I'll continue to unsubscribe from every Democratic fundraising email I receive until they've at least attempted to take some action on anything important rather than continuing to promise to do it later.

Also, Fuck Joe Manchin.

I want to make sure I establish a baseline for the audience as I complain about Democrats: Republicans, as a cohort, are distasteful, anti-American, fascists who are doing their best to fuck over everybody that they can while in the process of actively encouraging the Earth to burn us off of the surface. If you vote for them or support them I've either already removed your from my life, or I think about doing it every time I'm reminded of this fact about you.

There's very little that has been more personally destructive to my life than Republicans and their way of thinking. Most of the things that I would place above Republicans as negative influences on my life they have actively worked to make worse and to make the negative effects worse.

It's weird how reading Shadowrun books can feel like coming home.

I am happy to see that it goes over what is going on at least at a high level on the major continents if the Earth. It was a real oversight of previous editions to not mention anything outside of a few continents.

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There's a humble Bundle with all of the current Shadowrun sixth edition books. I'm reading the core and I'm a little surprised that I'm twenty pages in and they haven't mentioned the main metahuman races.


Tetris Attack! is now on the Switch Online SNES emulated games. Feels so familiar...

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