Watching Republicans put the blinders on is still frustrating. The current take on Critical Race Theory is that both racism doesn't matter anymore and that racism never mattered enough to be part of the historical context.

Anybody that tells you this is a racist. If you believe this you are also a racist and need to unfuck your ideology. If you feel offended by that assertion then I'm personally talking to, and attacking you, for your racist bullshit.

I certainly would have preferred Biden stick more faithfully to his "always be respectful" guns, but it is nice to have a President that will apologize for his transgressions.

Tonight we watch Soylent Green and are reminded that people have been sounding some sort of alarm about global warming longer than I've been alive.

Another one of those videos that's fun to keep around when somebody complains that government regulation never did any good.

"A car-to-car test between a 2015 Nissan Tsuru, the least expensive sedan sold by Nissan in Mexico, and a 2016 Nissan Versa, the least expensive sedan sold by Nissan in the United States."

Oldest Stolen Hours cards I have? Not even sure which character these are for.

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I also had this idea for repeatable vignettes that narrators could run. That idea didn't work out quite as well. I printed those out in little quarter page packets too. The idea was that the plot had to be simple enough to fit one act to a page. I wanted to be able to hand them out to almost anybody to run.

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Later I figured out how to make them fit this size with the sheets from Yorick.

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These quarter sized sheets were one of my favorite ideas. It made it so much easier to have a bunch of NPCs on hand when I needed them in big combats.

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