Too many people still don't know Cop City— an attempt to cut down an Atlanta greenspace and neighbourhood food forest to build a COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY urban warfare training facility— is happening, let alone that APD has tear-gassed and even killed people protesting against them.

They claim that the protestor they killed shot at them first, but somehow, miraculously, only have video of the after-action, not the incident itself.

Y'know, back in 2014 many of us believed the proliferation of body cameras for cops would mean real oversight and accountability. Within months it became clear that the cameras would mean nothing, and not JUST because the cops themselves would oversee the footage rather than a 3rd party.

No, we realised then, and have had it proven time and time again, that bodycams don't mean shit for accountability, because no matter how much police negligence and malfeasance the videos show, LARGE SWATHES of the public and the media will go out of their way to excuse COPS' behaviour, and blame the victims for their own deaths. Especially if those victims aren't white.

Anyway. Check the tag on some other platforms.

For clarity, the Urban Food Forest At Brown's Mill is NEXT to the planned cop city site, not in it. The neighbourhood of south Atlanta we're talking about is down near the starlight drive-in complex… which is also right around the corner from the adult and juvenile prisons in south Atlanta.

And you may say to yourself, "well if there's already cop facilities there, wouldn't it be better to keep them all in one place?" And that might have weight if they weren't a) bulldozing 350 acres of contested greenspace b) in a city which SORELY needs its greenspace, c) and in a low-income majority Black part of that city which has been asking for affordable housing for years.

And then, of course, the murder and teargas.

Like… ask yourself the question of what it would be like to live in an area that had not only prisons but actual literal urban warfare training facilities on all sides— carceral infrastructure meant to punish, demoralize, and intimidate. And imagine that your asking for housing to be built INSTEAD, in a way that respects the existing green space and gives your family and friends and neighbors access to the outdoors in a mentally and socially uplifting way… and your efforts are met with teargas and bullets.

And then imagine the wider narrative framed YOU as violent, but not the actions or policies of the cops, and the city.

You'd rightfully be pretty upset, no?

Anyway. .

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@Wolven I know who I now never believe and its Murder Police or any elected Mayor or Governor of Atlanta/GA

@Wolven Most people don't even realize that there is a LEGAL presumption that police officers are assumed to be acting in good faith, called "bona fides." Literally, the good faith exception that supersedes your rights.

@Wolven Dr. Williams, respectfully, I live 2 miles from the site and have been witness to this emerging situation for years. There is much more to this story, and you are amplifying an inaccurate narrative. I would be more than happy to fill you in with more detail and walk you through it if you’re ever in the area. Let me know.

It is one of those things that really bugs me. Cops are supposed to protect _AND_ server _the people_, not just themselves.

@Wolven Not to mention, they're already going out threatening, and in some cases already laying out, charges of domestic terrorism to essentially anyone who even steps foot near!

@Wolven this reinforces exactly what I've said since 2020;
Fabricating evidence and utilizing fake provocation has been the right's gameplan since the BLM protests and probably even before.
This is how FOX news capitalized on the protests. They were the ONLY major news org consistently present.

We heard about this #copaganda project from #LeeCamp a while back and were horrified, tooting about it at the time… and we rarely toot about internal #USA affairs.

It was the fascistic conflence of #BigConstruction, the questionable policing and downright disgusting #slaveLabour (ahem- #prisonSystem), and our distaste for #Hollywood propaganda that compelled us to toot.

As Lee Camp would say, "Keep fighting"!

…we forgot to mention our anger at the ecological and #greenspace destruction!

God the #environmentalDestruction!

Re-boosting and keep fighting for what is fight and non-fascist.


As I am from the UK I don't feel that I can't fully comment too much on the situation in the US, but the situation we have in the UK points to the fact that on both sides of the Atlantic, there has been a growing underclass of bad cops, somehow avoiding the very system that sets standards and have been allowed to commit all sort of crimes with complete impunity.

The US has been beset by racism for a long long time ( we know that), so it is almost engrained in to the system. Watching a programme call called 'Dom digs in' ( ), where cameras follow Dominic Littlewood (TV presenter) in various jobs, he did team up with some police officers in the US for one such programme, what strikes me is that every job the police are called to, they are treating it as if it will result in a gun battle, so they are already on a heightened state of alert, fully armed, vests, shields etc even for something that seems trivial.

There is NO excuse for the way the police behave, The police are not supposed to be a paramilitary force, I get the impression in the US they seem to have become that. Both sides of the Atlantic, the police have lost the trust and respect of the public, to the point rather than the police being a point of contact for any concerns, people are fearful of even approaching an office. This is just not healthy anywhere.

Of course the US, everyone has the right to bare arms, so anyone can carry gums from small side arms to what seems to be fully automatic assault rifles etc.

Both side of the atlantic need to re-think policing, get back to recruiting people suitable for the job, robust screening and make it very easy to kick out who breaks strict rules of contact, as Trump once said 'Drain the swamp' perhaps in the case of policing he was actually right. Decide what the job of policing should be and have proper scrutiny and accountability of all officers regardless of rank.

Of course this needs to come from the top, perhaps a few properly worded executive orders from the president can start to change how the police operate,

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