Y'imho revobo'ath. Echkto arumve'leh. Aruchk'tun awreshteh'o. Yefsleh. Awreshteh. Amacht.

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"In all 50 states and around the world, a long overdue call for change is being heard - a call for change against systematic racism, discrimination, and injustice. To everyone, that has been a voice in this call - thank you for speaking up and thank you for keeping it up.

"We stand in solidarity with our employees, and each and every person, both in and outside of our communities, speaking out in support of the movement."



We come here in search of a place to express our thoughts outside of the direct control and surveillance of unaccountable, mega-corporations. There is no common theme that binds us other than these being the bonds we've chosen rather than those that have been chosen for us.