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Also, if you're adding me here from twitter and your handle here is different, let me know who you are, there, or wherever else I know you from, so we can cross-correlate identifying data points to build a more complete map of understanding.

That is to say, "So I can know how the fuck I know you."

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STarting to get into that spiral where I stay up out of spite but don't actually get anyhting done so I'm going to go lay down and maybe tomorrow will suck less.

In sum, OpenAI 's approach to #AISafety seems to be: surely that's the user's job, especially when it comes to complying with any laws.

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Was just perusing @OpenAI 's terms of service and was a little surprised to find this. Are they really saying that the user is responsible for ensuring that #ChatGPT's output doesn't break any laws?



I welcome #Finland’s new law on legal #gender recognition which puts an end to the requirement for sterilisation of #trans people & introduces self-determination. #translaki

Like I'm literally torn between tagging people to warn them and not wanting anyone to have to be forced into the spiral this might send them into so that's great.

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As someone who has had multiple loved ones die in accidents, let me just say that if you use this phishing tactic you are pond scum and I hope you die alone and unloved and that the record of your name and existence are erased from the physical substrate of this universe to make room for something more worthy.

This ol’ Ruby Rider.. 🎶✨

Want to impress friends with your love of Steven Universe and Ruby on Rails? Well now you can with this badass sticker! Grab yours while supplies last~

Signs you have carpenter ants:

* keep finding tiny tools
* city sends a very tiny permit to affix to baseboard
* “when you try to move a book” you are told to “keep this entrance clear,ma’am” because of the “cement delivery coming later”
* Your dish rack is dismantled “because it’ll be cheaper to rebuild from scratch”
* no room on the dresser due to like 85 tiny pickups illegally parked there
* husband keeps hearing high pitched wolf whistles when exiting shower

I hear Texas is cold, icy, and large parts are without power.

I hope everyone stays safe and warm as possible.

But also has anyone checked if Ted Cruz is on his way to vacation in Mexico again?

Recall it? An investigative reporter in Vegas, Jeff German, was stabbed. A bureaucrat was charged with his murder. German was working on a story about the bureaucrat. Thing is, was working on other stories too.

To continue German’s work, and as an act of solidarity, "The Washington Post teamed up with his newspaper, the Las Vegas Review-Journal, to complete one of the stories he’d planned to pursue."

He had heard about a Ponzi scheme. Now it's published.


Until one hour ago, staff at the British Museum were not on strike because they were not members of the PCS union.

In the last hour, most of them have now joined, and they have walked out.

It's nice to have people at @huggingface repeatedly doing the gods work of explaining latest trends in NLP and LLMs to experts in adjacent domains.

Their latest blogpost about SotA in conversational agents is a pleasure to read:

#LargeLanguageModels #ChatGPT #HuggingFAce

Two eps from the end of this Orphan Black rewatch and realizing we currently live in a timeline where Dyad/Neolution are ascendant.



"...rights are not pie. Everything actually works better when everyone has them. This capitalist scarcity mentality inflicts harm every single day. It misleads people into thinking that there’s not enough for everyone..." hittin' me in the feels.


Please stop using “mom” as an example of an unsophisticated user of technology. This reinforces harmful stereotypes.

Instead, I suggest using “congressperson”.

By now you know that #ChatGPT will make up nonsense, presented with confidence.

Useful framework by AI and Data Policy lawyer:

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We come here in search of a place to express our thoughts outside of the direct control and surveillance of unaccountable, mega-corporations. There is no common theme that binds us other than these being the bonds we've chosen rather than those that have been chosen for us.