Most probably see this at the surface level: Trump is dumb and wants lower numbers because high numbers look bad.

Personally, I think it’s a dog whistle for the people who believe it’s all a hoax. There are plenty out there that believe hospitals are outright lying about COVID deaths to get extra money. I see this as one step barely removed from that: this is Cheeto implying testing facilities themselves are keeping themselves in business by reporting inflated numbers.

Some good news. The other three officers involved in George Floyd's death are expected to be charged this afternoon. And charges against Derek Chauvin are expected to be elevated to 2nd degree murder.

First world problems with second-world solutions. I ordered a new TV for the bedroom because I couldn’t pass up one of the Memorial Day sales. Except I didn’t notice that the feet were on the sides instead of the center, and it was too big for the shelf unit that we had the old one on. But a couple of 2x6s fixed that right up.


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