Spent my lunch break today finishing up the Thermic Reactor on the Dreadnought. I’m really proud of the heat-oxidization effect I got on the exhaust stacks!

My Gundam building got put on hold a bit because I've been making real headway with the building of a set of cat walks in my bedroom. Moving 14' planks up to the third floor and then to brackets 2 ft over my head kinda drains most of the energy for the day, but the cats are having fun.

Got all my paint in, so now I’ve got the Barbatos parts washed to remove any mold-release that would disrupt the paint.

I’m sorry, I assumed the shipping company was the one of that name out of England... it’s in Taiwan. So... worse

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So always make sure when you order something off of amazon that you know where the reseller they’re trying to obfuscate is located. I’m out $7 and a week of waiting because the Tamiya black paint I ordered was ordered from a place shipping from the UK and it won’t get here until mid September at the earliest. Just ended up buying another jar and checking that the place shipping it is one that I already got my other paints from.

Paints are starting to trickle in via boxes and packages in my mail box. Soon I can build the Barbatos kit and give it a serious paint job (first gunpla I’ll be fully painting)

Optional hand parts and beam sabers. Kinda funny that they have the peace sign for the Berserker mode kit.

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